2022產學創新研究學院國際講座【NYCU IAIS】



產創學院特邀德國FBH Hans Joachim Würfl 博士訪台授課,歡迎各位踴躍參與。

11/15、11/22、11/29、12/6(Tue.) 13:20-15:10
11/17、11/24、12/1、12/8 (Thu.) 14:20-15:10

  1. 離子佈植 (Ion Implantation)
  2. 化學氣相沉積 (CVD)
  3. 金屬 (Metallization)
  4. 乾蝕刻 (Dry Etching)

地點:工程六館優貝克廳 (Engineering Bldg. 6) map
參加方式:自由入場 free

Hans Joachim Würfl
Head of Department Power Electronics and GaN Microwave Devices Lab
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) Berlin – Germany

  • Research and development towards GaN, AlN and Ga2O3 power switching devices in lateral and vertical architecture
  • GaN and AlN based mm-waver devices and MMICs for next-generation (B5G/6G) and space applications
  • Allocation and guidance of corresponding technical projects funded by German, the European Space Agency (ESA), other European and International sources